Nursery Section

We have the following classes; Baby, Middle and Top class. Our curriculum ensures that your child gets a strong foundation which is key to their studying career.


To enroll your child, please come to our school and fill the application form and registration fee is UGX 50,000

See our school fees structure here: View School Fees

step up nursery and primary school bweyogerere nursery children in class

Learning Areas

  1. Learning Area 1 - Social Development
  2. Learning Area 2 - Social Development
  3. Learning Area 3 - Health Habits
  4. Learning Area 4 - Mathematics
  5. Learning Area 5 - English

Transport shuttles

The school has shuttles to transport children to and from school.

Please note that transport fees depend on distance!

step up nursery and primary school bweyogerere school van