This is the School Programme for Term I 2023:
Date Activity Remark
30th January Opening of Term I 2023
13th - 16th February Beginning of term exams For both Nursery and Primary schools
17th January First swimming Termly is 40,000sh. Per swimming is 10,000sh
3rd March Second swimming
4th March Visitation day For only boarders
16th March Midterm examinations For both Nursery and primary
26th March Academic check up For both sections
31st March Third swimming
6th April Picking boarders for Easter Only registered persons will be allowed to pick children after lunch
7th - 10th April Easter holidays
11th April Reporting back of learners from Easter All boarders are expected to resume class on 12 th April
19th - 21st April End of term exams For both Nursery and Primary
28th April Sports and closure
  • Sports activities start at 9:00am to 1:00pm
  • Reports will be given out from school immediately after sports
  • All parents are to attend the sports day